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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Framework is a sports media/photography website that hosts contributed articles from professional sports photographers and industry insiders. I was recently asked to contribute and after looking through some of the really excellent posts on the site I was happy to do so. You can read my modest contribution at

Whilst you're there, have a browse through the other sports photographers articles too, because there's some real gold dust in there.

One of the most common themes to emerge, in my opinion is how often pro photographers take on their own personal projects or do self-initiated work in order to challenge themselves,. Doing their own thing is a great way to learn new ways of working and techniques and to showcase what they can really do when there's no commercial imperatives holding them back. I believe in this wholeheartedly.

Actually, I was amused to see that, after the previous RLA post on shooting contemporary dance, something that I'd not done before, the very next contributor on "asportinglife" talks about taking on a personal photo project on a subject he'd never photographed before - you guessed it - contemporary dance. Must be a sports photographer thing!